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Ryan Hannebaum
regret statue

I’ve been sitting here this rainy Saturday morning, sipping my coffee (shoutout Messenger Coffee Co.), and thinking random thoughts about my career to date. Not just the wild, winding path it has taken, but about little moments along the way that built up into big moments for work that would…

Originally posted on LinkedIn in May 2016

Blank pages in a Rocketbook notebook

I sat down a few weeks ago to design a couple pictures for my kid’s play room. It occurred to me as I picked up my pen that I hadn’t sketched anything by hand in quite some time. …

Your portfolio matters. Pay attention to what you do with it.

A spiral staircase representing recursion

Building a portfolio site can be an interesting proposition, to say the least. I can’t speak for everyone, but most of us don’t love talking about ourselves. (I’m doing it right now, and, well, I’m just a tad uncomfortable about it.) …

Building a new website for a client can get complicated long before pixels are allocated and development environments are fired up. We at MAKE Digital ask clients a slew of questions. We try to anticipate and prepare for every eventuality; every client desire; every user need. …

Ryan Hannebaum

associate creative director / VMLY&R / kansas city

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